My Christmas Wish List 2015

     Hi! Good Afternoon :)) I’ll write my Christmas wish list today!^^ Hmmm. ?

    My Christmas Wish List 2015

1. Papa to come home this Christmas .
2. Clothes/dresses
3. Shoes
4. Pants
5. Hovertrax/Hoverboard
6. Hello Kitty things
7. Bracelets
8. Necklace
9. Hair rebond with color
10. Many foodsssss

     That’s my top 10 things I wish for Christmas this 2015 :)) even only 1 wish will be granted , I will surely love it specially the number 1 ^^v .. I have so many wishes and dreams that I’ll surely will make ways to happen with God who will guide me.  God is always with you , whatever you do , you will reach your dreams or wishes just do your best and God will do the rest , just have faith , hope and always pray 🙂 I love you all and God bless to all! Mwahugsss :*

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| Blog of a Newbie |


          Hello! I’m a newbie in writing blogs. I just want to try this , and also I want to write about what’s happening to me and also my feelings today. I want to freely express my ideas , thoughts and opinions about everything! ^^v

            What am I Doing ..

Tweets and news about the hacking incidents of the social medias of Maine Mendoza also known as Yaya Dub. Her twitter is already back but her Instagram is not. I’m a proud AlDub fan! :))

A blog of a newbie and what am I doing now .

For the first time by The Script.

Of what will happen to the hackers (of social media of ate Maine) , the insisted group said that they only hacked the twitter account of ate Maine and its already retrieved but later on ate Maine post a picture of her Instagram saying that it logged out even she didn’t did that, it means someone(s) hacked it.

A food! My tito is cooking something I guess it’s for our barbeque. We’re selling barbeques! Oishi! Yummy! :)) Now I remember I didn’t ate breakfast. #craving

For things to get better , the hacking incidents , cyber bullying , the “laglag bala” incidents in the airport , because they even victimized an old woman and for AlDub Nation to stay and always be humble , loving , supportive , indulgent and God-fearing despite of what’s happening now , like ate Maine said ” make love not war ” . God bless to all! :)) and also Im wishing to have AlDub magazines!

To make my dreams happen!

A yellow cotton shirt and blue cotton short.

Kalyeserye! Im a Dabarkads since birth , but I’m also watching teleseryes in Abs Cbn , specially when it’s KathNiel! I love Kathryn Bernardo , she’s simple yet beautiful and also ate Maine! I really love them both! :)) The Teen Queen and Dubsmash Queen

Magazines! Specially AlDub mag. I don’t have money and I’m ashamed to tell my mama and papa that I want some magazines because I know that they have something to do first aside from giving what we wants! I understand 🙂 Really loved
the mag of AlDub ! Thanks to the group I joined on Fb , Maine Admirers and Mainsters for posting what’s inside the mag! Thank you all! :*

To review for my exam tomorrow! I didn’t go to class today because I didn’t review anything , Hahah ^^v Needing a peace of mind so all the notes I will review will surely be remembered. =)

Hungry ? Yeah , I’m already hungry , I will finish this and then I’ll go and eat some breakfast 🙂

  Bible Verse of the Day:
           ” So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
                                 – Isaiah 41:10 .

      A beautiful morning to all! Start your day with a smile. I’m happy that I finished my first blog , I get some ideas from ate Maine’s blog , is it bad ? Should I didn’t do that ? Please inform me , okay ? AlDub/MaiDen fan here , Hi! AlDubarkads and AlDub Nation :)) Spread good vibes , ayt ? Have a blessed day to all! God bless us all! ^^.. -M.

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